Five Card Story: Kindness Starts At Home

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Introduction (Pic 1) - It is known that a parent is the main influence on their child. If they teach their child good and kind habits, there is a very good chance of the child growing up to be a good and kind citizen.

(Pic 2)- It is important for children to be kind, especially when they enter grade school and interact with other students, faculty, and family. It is also important that your child is taught kind actions so that they do not set a bad example at school.

(Pic 3)- Growing up not being shown kindness can be hard on a young person and can cause they emotional distress down the line. They might develop some kind of trauma and have to attend therapy or group support. It can also make it hard for the young person to engage in friend groups or any kind of social activity.

Counterargument(Pic 4)- Being alone in life can make people depressed and anxious. One of the biggest outlets of depression is drinking, which can cause even more bad things to happen because it itself is a depressant.

Conclusion(Pic 5)- Even if one is not shown kindness from home it is always important to be true to yourself and treat others with care. Just because a bad example is set at home, doesn't mean children have to follow it, there is always another way.

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