Five Card Story: Florence

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One day I went fishing in a nearby lake. I wasn't very lucky because after many attempts I wasn't able to catch any fish. So I decided to pack my things and head home. As I was going home I realized that I took the wrong path to my home. I was scared and lost and I didn't know what to do. As I was trying to find the road that would lead me back to my house, I saw an old, beautiful house. I walked to the porch and knocked on the door. An old lady answered the door. I greeted her and asked her the exact address of my current location and If she can help me find my way home because I got lost. The old lady went and got a map then she showed me where to go and which path is the right way to my home. After I was sure I got the directions right, I thanked the old lady and left. As I started walking home, I saw an old tombstone in the garden beside the house. I decided to take a look. The name in the tombstone says "Florence B. Williams." I glanced at the grass beside the tombstone and I saw a piece of paper. I looked and it was an obituary page. When I read it I saw a picture of the old lady I met awhile ago. She died 30 years ago! I turned to look again at the house and I was surprised to see ruins. The old, beautiful house was gone! I'm not sure how I got home that day. I just remember being so scared as I ran home.

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