Five Card Story: Nature of love

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Our nature has many beautiful things. From the fresh clouds from the most bluest waters in the ocean. Many people may think that this are just simple things, but for Luna it's more than that. Luna appreciate the water, the animals, the mountains, the flowers especially the clouds up the sky. Whenever she goes to the beach, she always play in the water. If ever she pass through stray animals, she pets them. But her favorite scenery from all is the clouds, the sky that are fresh. Besides the beach, she would always go to the mountains. Appreciate it, being starstruck to it and she talk to them always. "How are you frieny up there" Luna says. " I miss you Aimee, I wish I could see you right now. We miss you so so much. I hope your in good hands with God." With all those things Luna has said, she burst out off tears. Then she added "Sometimes, I always ask myself, is there something, I did for you to be gone in this world" With what she said, she cried and cried so much to the point that she did not even notice a there is a boy standing beside him. He offered Luna his handkerchief and said " uhh? do you need this miss". With that Luna jumped into frightened. "AHHHH WHO ARE YOU!". Luna ask while punching him with her bag. " I AM LEO, LEO. STOP IT LUNA!". Luna was shocked and confuse at that time. "How did you know my name, huhh, Leo who ever you are" Luna asked "I am Ray's best friend remember??!!, Ray the boyfriend of Aimee. Aimee even introduce me to you" Leo exclaimed. "Oh yeah yeah, Leo. Yeah. I remember you." Luna said out of embarrassment. "You fool" Leo whisper. Luna said, "What did you say??!!. While pinching Leo answer " Nothing, nothing, I said you're cute" Leo was shocked about his answer but Luna was more shocked about it. Leo exclaimed "Just kidding you!!" They both laugh about it. And sat beside each other and talk for a little while. Leo said " I wish that car accident never happened" " Yeah. If it wasn't for that drunk driver driving" Leo answered "Yeah, but as long as we seek justice for them. Luna said "Yeah, you want to visit them in their tomb" Leo said " Yea, sure!" They go to the cemetery and stayed there for hours and hours until it was sundown.

-The End-

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) Serenae (3) Serenae (4) keepps (5) bionicteaching

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