Five Card Story: Vacation with my friends!

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One day, After a long week full of so much requirements for school, me and my friends decided to go on a trip to celebrate to celebrate that we got through the week. So me and my friends chose to go to a cool spot in Marrakesh. So my dad drove us to the airport to fly there. When we got there we realized we were hours away from the spot. So we rented a car and continued our journey. And On the way, we needed to go to a quick stop because we needed to use the restroom. So we stopped by a gas station, and used the restroom. And on that stop we watched the beautiful sunset on the horizon. As we were to get back to the car to continue the journey, my friend stubbed his toe on a cactus which hurt his toe badly. So we carried him to the car and kept driving. Then we arrived to the city at night and explored the city when suddenly we found out our other friend was missing. So we put some posters around the place and went to the place we booked for the night. We went to the pool to go for a dip late at night when we found... our missing friend was there the whole time. We had a good laugh, had fun for the rest of the vacation, then went home in one piece and no one was hurt.. except for my one friend who stubbed his toe. The end

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