Five Card Story: Granate Cinco Adventure

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The year is 1942 in the Philippines, Marius and Anton are members of the Granate Cinco gang. The Granate Cinco gang is a gang that specializes in selling automobiles, making and selling stitched products, and fighting against the Japanese. One day, Marius and Anton are walking up a mountain to meet with a client for one of their automobiles. While walking Marius sees what he thinks is a Japanese soldier. He tells Anton this, but Anton dismisses it. Halfway on their trip up the mountain, they are ambushed by Japanese soldiers. Anton faints at first sight of the Japanese and Marius remains calm. They arrest Marius and Anton and bring them to the top of the mountain. Their supposed client was actually a Japanese spy. They are repeatedly asked questions, but they refused to answer. Fed up, the Japanese spy ordered the soldiers to tie them to a tree. They are forced to sit on rocks until night. It’s 11pm and there is only one Japanese soldier awake. His name is Masahiro. Masahiro talks to Marius and Anton. They learn that Masahiro’s dad is Filipino and that he was drafted to the Japanese army because he was living in Japan at the time. Marius and Anton ask Masahiro to help them escape. Masahiro after thinking a few seconds agreed to help them. He cuts the rope that ties them to the tree and after quietly and quickly discussing where they will go, they escape the camp. After walking for twenty minutes, they encounter a river. They walk across the river and into a small cave where they will spend the night in. They agree to take turns in keeping watch for any Japanese search party. A few hours have passed, and it is 4am. The current watcher, Marius sees a few Japanese soldiers at the river. He quietly alerts the others, and they plan an ambush. They take sharp rocks and sticks except for Masahiro who still had his rifle and a knife. They spread out and waited for each soldier to come their way. Whenever a soldier came their way, they quickly passed away them. They did this until each Japanese soldier passed away. They permanently borrow the equipment the passed away soldiers had as they decide it’s not safe for them to stay there and they venture out. They walk until they see a fence. They see a farm. They go to the farm and see the owner of the farm. The owner scared puts his hands up thinking they were the enemy since Masahiro was still wearing his Japanese uniform. Anton quickly relieves the owner of his fear when he shouted, “We’re Filipinos don’t worry!” in Filipino to the owner. The group talks and explains to the owner their situation and asks him for directions to the city. The owner tells them the directions and gives them food. The group thank him and leave. After a few hours, they reach the city. Marius and Anton bring Masahiro to the headquarters of the Granate Cinco gang. When they arrived, the members of the Granate Cinco didn’t allow Masahiro in as they pointed their rifles at him. Marius explains to them that Masahiro is with them and that he’s part Filipino. They allow him in and eventually, he joins the gang. The Granate Cinco gang continued to sell automobiles, stitched, and fought the Japanese until the war’s end in 1945. Throughout the war Marius, Anton, and Masahiro received promotions. At the end of the war Marius, Anton and Masahiro were in high positions. They were in the gang until they went their separate ways. In 1954, Marius emigrated to South Africa to start a fishing business and to spread the word of God. In 1956, Anton started an automobile business in Singapore. Masahiro became a famous singer and in 1960, he went to America.

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