Five Card Story: Kevin's great escape

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a Five Card Flickr story by Eefer created Apr 25 2022, 02:00:40 pm. Create a new one!

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Kevin is a homeless man. He always rests near the sidewalk. One day he hears a loud noise coming from the left of the city, he wonders "what could it be?". So, he walks towards the direction of the loud sound and as he approaches, he sees it's a carnival. He gets excited as he has never seen such beauty before, he gets filled with excitement and brim, then he sees a scary group of people who looks in his direction and whisper to each other. They then walk towards him and captures him swiftly. He has been kidnapped! Little does he know they are sending him to be a slave, Kevin being kidnapped for the first time panics and forces his way out of the carriage without the kidnappers knowing he got out. He then falls to a forest alone, naturally, Kevin panics since he’s never been in a forest before and since he’s heard how terrifying forests can be. So, he sees a path and follows it for 2 days straight, without eating nor drinking. He eventually gets outside of the forest and he is immediately greeted by a town. The town seemed peaceful, he stayed. He was then sighted by the townsmen and immediately shoved him out of the village since they didn’t want any scary, dirty, menacing, Black Man in their village. He left the village with an astonishingly swift speed since he didn’t want to get hurt. He traveled again until he saw a powerplant, he laid there away from civilization so that he couldn’t get hurt from discrimination and racism of this cruel world.

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