Five Card Story: Impatient In The City

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“This time is going to be different”, I thought as I entered the building. I was in such a good mood. Yes, this is the perfect day to complete my task. I took a deep breath remembering the last time I was here. The chaos, feeling as though a thousand years had passed, the angry people clothed in blue. I shuddered at the thought. “Stop it!” I said to myself. “This time is going to be different.” I smiled looking down at the picture in my hand. Last week I visited my boyfriend Cliff and we spent time at a Science Museum. He took the goofiest picture outside the skeleton of a shark's mouth. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for his new office.

The sound of a gruff voice ended my trip down memory lane. I looked down at my watch. 30 minutes had passed and my foot was tapping. “Oh no”, I thought. “It’s happening again”. I looked at the purple flowers against the window to the left of me. Anything to suppress the emerging feelings of rage. I looked at my watch again, another 5 minutes. I closed my eyes remembering the red Ford pick-up in front of me when I first arrived. I’d give anything to be back in my car.

My foot began to tap harder and harder. The hairs on the back of my neck were standing and a loud sigh escaped my lips. Was the sun rising or setting? I no longer knew. An eternity had passed. “I JUST NEED TO MAIL THIS PICTURE!” I yelled, flinging the forms off the table next to me in an angry fit. The room fell silent as everyone stared. Mortified, I fled the building, vowing never to return to the Saunders Station Post Office in Richmond, VA ever again.

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