Five Card Story: A Day Out

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It was a beautiful sunny day in June. One of those days where you just want to be outside and explore everything around you. Maggie and Christopher started the day with a bike ride and watched their dog Charlie run as fast as he could. He would run far ahead and turn back to Maggie and Christopher with a look of, "what's taking so long? Hurry up!" It made them laugh whenever he turned back to them.

They passed a house with big, beautiful trees with white flowers all over their property. There was a slight breeze and each time one came through, petals would flow off of the tree limbs. Charlie ran around the trees, chomping at the air, trying to gather as many petals as he could. He acted as if those petals were falling just for him. Maggie and Christopher watched Charlie and laughed as he enjoyed himself.

The family continued our journey for a while longer before heading home. The second they walked through the door, Charlie flopped into his bed and began to fall asleep. While Charlie napped, Maggie and Christopher got ready for a night out. While walking to the restaurant they passed a street band and stopped to enjoy the music. Across the street from the band was a small bar. It looked welcoming and they would still be able to hear the music from their table. Maggie and Christopher sat by the window with their drinks while listening to the lively music across the street. They stayed at that bar eating appetizers, listening to music, and enjoying the company.

After a while, they decided to walk back home. They walked down the street, back to their apartment. Charlie greeted them at the door, tail wagging and happy to see them back home. Christopher went over to the tv to turn on their favorite show and finish the night with Maggie and Charlie on the couch.

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