Five Card Story: Perfect Attendance

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On senior skip day, I left my house and rode the bus to school as usual. My bookbag was in hand and the bus pulled up in front of my house 203 at 7:15 am on dot. As we pulled up to school my best friend came up to me and asked was I going to the park with them, she said it was senior skip day and all the kids were going. OF course, I wasn't going to be the only Senior in class looking silly so I rounded the corner while Principal Rodney wasn't looking. I hopped in Cindy's top-down fancy corvette and looked up at the sky and the sun and autumn leaves were such a beautiful sight I screamed with joy WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!! SENIOR SKIP DAY BABY!!! as we drove off! All the seniors met up at the park for fun days of water balloons, water guns, games, etc. but as it started to get dark I realized it was time to head home before the street light came on and my mom knew I was missing. I took the shortcut through the park and took the back pathways home to my house. I will never forget because there was a stray dog and I am scared of dogs so I spend the last mile and half running for my life to make it home. I finally made it home the house seemed quiet and the mail was still in the mailbox. My mom never said anything about it until 3 weeks later when we had our assembly. I had never and I mean never missed a day of school before which means I had perfect attendance but didn't account for the fact that they would count senior skip day as a missed day. And boy I tell you when my name did not get called for perfect attendance my mom went OFF on Principal Rodney. The first thing he said was well I saw her hopping car with Cindy screaming " WAHOOOO SENIOR SKIP DAY BABY!" 3 weeks ago I figured you knew that would cost her. I got a pretty bad whopping that night and my mom practically grounded me from everything. Now I tell kids the cheat code to senior skip day. Go a 1/2 day and get your attendance and then leave!

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