Five Card Story: You Have to Start Somewhere

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a Five Card Flickr story by Chris created Jun 07 2022, 04:22:01 pm. Create a new one!

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For one man, life was feeling a bit dull. It was time for a change. The type of change that would give way to new adventures and memories. He thought, "why not find a new place to call home, in a new town?" Surely a new home would provide a jolt of excitement and with a new town comes fresh faces and scenery. The man could feel the mounting enthusiasm; however, doubt and panic, nemeses of joy, began to rear their ugly heads. The man argued with himself, "this can't be good timing with all of your other obligations. How can you afford this? This great idea of yours will be more stressful than its worth." These self-sabotaging thoughts darkened the light which was his desire for change. After more reflection and a little encouragement from friends, the man decided to take the risk because the status quo wasn't necessarily better. "You have to start somewhere," he thought. Once the decision was made he jumped right in - recalculated his budged, signed a lease, and made his moves (literally and figuratively speaking). The beginning of this new adventure did not come easy and there are many obstacles, and yes a little bit of panic, that still lie ahead. But the man reminds himself that he can overcome any obstacle in pursuit of a new chapter in life.

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