Five Card Story: Philosophy for Future Generations.

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A gap between barricades is a personal barrier in life impediments to desired growth, personally professionally, spiritually or even socially. More and more people are working long past traditional retirement age. At the same time, the youngest generations are entering the workforce for the first time. And let's not forget everyone in between. For possibly the first time in history, as many as seven different generations are working side by side. The path of way is a track that a person can walk along and start the journey each day and At the end of the day the dirty hands are the outcome. It is a sign of working hands, The power to change lives is in our hands. Based on Bible verses of Bob Jackson, We have the power to change. We all seek change, want to change ourselves, To change our circumstances, We want to change the whole world, For us to achieve that find the strength and power to change; by being a strong independent person we will be able to make tough decisions without a second thought. The Falling leaves represent the change of season. Ultimately, fallen leaves complete the circle of life with the final stages: decline and death. Leaves fall off trees when they aren't doing their job anymore. Just like the life of a person we will come at the time of our death.

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