Five Card Story: who's Gilbert ryle?

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interprets where gilbert ryle lives.
So gilbert ryle born on Brighton, Sussex, England (august 19,1900)

interprets what he entered schools at.
So gilbert ryle was educated at Brighton College and, in 1919, he went to Queen's College, Oxford, initially to study Classics, although he was soon drawn to Philosophy. He graduated with first class honors in 1924 and was appointed to a lectureship in Philosophy at Christ Church, Oxford. He became a tutor a year later, and remained at Christ Church until World War II (and remained at Oxford for his entire academic career until his retirement in 1968).

where did gilbert ryle go after his retirement?
Gilbert ryle lived after his retirement in 1968 with his twin sister, Mary, in the village of Islip, Oxfordshire. Gardening and walking gave him immense pleasure, as did his pipe (without which he was rarely seen).

what's his next journey?
Gilbert Ryle died on 6 October 1976 at Whitby in North Yorkshire, after a day's walking on the moors.

interprets a calm & peace vibes.
after his death is he will always mainly known for his book, "The Concept of Mind" (1949), "Dilemmas" (1954), as well as "Plato's Progress" (1966) and "On Thinking" (1979)
and also a british philosopher, the critique of the Dualism of Descartes for which he coined the phrase " the ghost in the machine".

So that's my 5card flickr story

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) Larry Johnson

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