Five Card Story: Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and the events that influenced his Philosophy

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During Merleau-Ponty's student years, he attended Edward Husserl's lectures and George Gurvitch's German philosophy courses, where his philosophy was inspired and drawn heavily upon. (First pic illustrates lectures attended by Ponty)
He was known as the leading French phenomenologist of his generation. In this way, Merleau-Ponty develops his distinctive interpretation of phenomenology's method, informed by his new familiarity with Husserl's unpublished manuscripts and his deepened engagement with other thinkers in this tradition. (Second pic illustrates Ponty's distinctive interpretation of the phenomenology he learned from other thinkers)
Merleau-Ponty attended the Collège Philosophique, an organization that provided an open forum for intellectual exchange and frequented many leading Parisian thinkers.(Third pic illustrates the organization's open forum for intellectual exchange)
And at the outbreak of World War 2, he served as a lieutenant. After returning to teaching at Lycée, his involvement in the resistance group "Socialisme et Liberté," the existentialist movement, gave him the title of a leading academic proponent of existentialism and phenomenology in post-war France. (Fourth pic illustrates post-war France)
And so, Merleau-Ponty's philosophy of the self was rooted in the reflexibility of the human body. It is framed and articulated with the help of language to simultaneously be individual and public. The Cartesian tradition's modernist self influences his philosophy.(Fifth pic illustrates the help of the written Cartesian's tradition in influencing Ponty's philosophy)

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