Five Card Story: History: Friend or Foe

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History is an important part of our life. From paintings of explorers and prominent figures, to books and readings, we can see how history has shaped how we live.

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It is crucial that we understand where we come from because it influences our society. Our architecture and the way we choose to embrace nature by including plants like trees in everyday spaces, largely comes from our ancestors and the places they frequented.

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History is also important to teach the younger generations. Children in public schools need to be educated on their history so they can be able to contribute to the future of their town and country.

However, history is not always a continuous flow from one event to another. Sometimes it repeats itself like trends on a graph, stunting our progress in the world. But this can be a good thing because it gives us a blueprint to fix problems that have already happened before.

Pic 5:
In the end, history has its ups and downs. But the knowledge it gives us is infinite and allows us the opportunity to write book after book on past events, filling up libraries, leaving it behind for future generations. It can be positive and negative, but it gives us hope for the future and what we can accomplish.

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