Five Card Story: Unglue yourself from your iPhone

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a Five Card Flickr story by Kyra Roth created Sep 29 2022, 10:42:52 pm. Create a new one!

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People need to start ungluing themselves from their iPhones. When you walk around in public, whether it be inside or outside, you look around to see everyone's eyes glued down to their phone screens. People do not know how to interact with each other anymore because we are only focused on technology. This might not go for everyone but most people today are like this. Freeing yourself from the technology world and applying yourself to the real world can be very beneficial. You can look around and smile and wave at people but instead everyone's heads are just down and not paying attention. You can miss good opportunities of meeting new friends and looking around at nature and experiencing it more. Developing new relationships with people and the outdoors is healthy for human beings and that is why we are here, to take in the beauty of nature, life and people. You miss a lot of what is actually going on around you and focus more on the negative things that the media puts out every single day. One day when we are gone and not here anymore, we might regret not looking around and talking to friendly strangers and making new connections with people and the animals and plants and trees because instead we were all too focused on gluing our eyes to our phone screens.

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