Five Card Story: Beach Trips

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a Five Card Flickr story by Corrina Milligan created Oct 01 2022, 11:45:34 pm. Create a new one!

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Day trips to the beach are no fun. The beach can be fun for an hour maximum; after that hour, I feel the sand getting all over me, my hair, my mouth, and all up and down my body. Every time I take a day trip to the beach with my family, we spend the whole day on the beach, which I don't enjoy, as I stated previously. Don't get me wrong, the beach is a very relaxing and pretty place to be, for example, watching the sunset, but then all of the beauty of the beach goes away when I see the seagulls flying over me and swooping down, trying to get a bite of whatever food I have in my hand. Overall I would much rather be home on my farm, where I can relax and not worry about all the stresses the beach gives me.

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