Five Card Story: Layla

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"Layla, you are supposed to run in the game of Tag, not just stand there!" I sighed. "But I don't wanna play Tag! Can we go to the playground instead?" Layla complained as she tugged at my sleeve. "Fine, I guess Tag is kind of boring." We strolled along a path in our neighbourhood park and headed to the playground. We took turns sliding down the slides and swing through the monkey bars. Saturday was my most favourite day. It was when my parents had to go on long important meetings, so my best friend, Layla, could come over and play. "Claire! quick, come look!" I heard a squeal from behind me. I dashed over and found Layla with her hands cupped together, holding a little butterfly. "Oh my, thats so beautiful!" I smiled. After a few hours, we went back home for dinner. It was raining then. So Layla and I could only play in my room. A few minutes passed and mother called us down for dinner. "Claire, I dont want to repeat myself, stop that video game and come down for dinner!" I reluctantly kept the game controllers. "Come on, my mum is calling us down for dinner." I said to Layla. We ran downstairs and sat down at the dining table. "Claire, " mother started, "who were you talking to upstairs in your room?" "What do you mean? I was playing with Layla." I pointed at Layla who was sitting next to me eating. "Claire... Layla passed away two weeks ago... remember?" I was confused. I looked over beside me again, but Layla was not there. It was just and empty chair...

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) lesliemb (3) bionicteaching (4) (5) bionicteaching

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