Five Card Story: It gets better until it doesn't

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a Five Card Flickr story by Chasen Pierce created Jan 10 2023, 02:36:56 am. Create a new one!

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I woke up in a daze. Only to see droves of people who seemed to be dressed as penguins. Surely I was dreaming, so I thought. Until one grabbed me. "Put on the mask" he said, with a certain but emotionless tone. I pushed him off and stumbled away. Only to run into a lady with white face paint, with what appeared to be fake blood.... or so I hoped. I ran fast, but still felt weak. My only hope was a slowly passing vehicle, it read "spooky" on the license plate. I thought, "this sounds like a made up story", before jumping on the back. The driver didn't seem to notice. My only view was pavement for about 20 min as I held on for life. We slowly approached a huge, comforting, castle like building. As the vehicle slowed I jumped from the back ready to plead my case. Visibly shaken I say "I am sorry I was so scared". They saw my condition and offered me in quickly with no hesitation. The house was beautiful. I was given a blanket and tea. I began rambling about everything I saw. It seemed more people were entering the room as I spoke, but I thought nothing of it. I became drowsy from the adrenaline dump. My eyes were hazy and limbs were heavy. This didn't feel normal. "Is the ....", "are there...". My sentences continued to trail off. I couldn't speak. I couldn't move. I saw someone walk in with the same penguin mask I had seen at the rally. A man in a suit approached me with the mask. He placed it on my face as I slowly drifted away.... Now I march. I march with the same crowd that once terrorized me. I can think for myself, I can tell my story in my head. I can wish, I can pray. But I cant stop, I cant stop marching..

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