Five Card Story: The European Colonists

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Some European colonists came to the Americas to benefit from trade. For instance, they introduced horses to the Natives, something the Natives cherished, since they used the horses to transport goods and to get from one place to the other.

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Other colonists came to the Americas to escape religious persecution. They wanted to reform the English church or break free from it.

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For these colonists, freedom from the English church was very important to them, so they took the dive and broke free. They signed the Mayflower Compact, promising allegiance to a New World with a new religion, before they crossed the waters to the Americas.

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Unfortunately, when they got to the Americas, many of them tried to nail each other down into practicing religion in the way they thought was best. It got so bad that they began to sentence each other to death for being witches when they didn't attend church or couldn't recite their commandments. So, they began the cycle of persecution all over again.

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Thus, as they began to build their own church, it too crumbled apart, since they limited their followers freedom of religion.

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