Five Card Story: The Urban Heat Island Effect

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Intro pic 1- In basic terms, the Urban Heat Island Effect describes the fact that urban areas tend to be significantly hotter than suburban areas. Trees and plants that usually help to keep a neighborhood fairly cool and shady are scarce in urban areas. Cities need to put more money into planting trees and greenery in urban areas.
Pic 2- In the summer months, urban neighborhoods reach extreme temperatures and this causes many complications including the deaths of many people. The people most at risk include the houseless, children, and the elderly.
Pic 3- While many areas get hot, cities tend to reach the highest temperatures. The lack of shade, minimal vegetation, and dark asphalt combine to make urban areas nearly un-liveable and extremely dangerous.
Pic 4 (counter)- Some may argue that people facing extreme temperatures due to the Urban Heat Island should simply go inside or find a shady area. Unfortunately, many of the people most affected by extreme temperatures are houseless or facing extreme poverty. Areas with a high houseless population often have hostile architecture preventing houseless people from sitting in shady areas. Additionally, even if someone has a home, this does not mean that they are able to afford air conditioning.
Conclusion pic 5- Overall, cities need to begin putting money into creating public parks and gardens with vegetation, and planting trees and bushes near homes to create shade and cool down urban areas. Cities need to create safe living conditions for residents of urban areas so they can flourish and thrive during warm months.

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