Five Card Story: Ghost town / forever every day

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a Five Card Flickr story by ur mother created Feb 13 2023, 08:05:35 pm. Create a new one!

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Nobody showed up to work after half an hour, so I decided to leave early. I laugh at my own stupidity upon my exit; I didn't bring an umbrella on such a gloomy day, and of course it was raining. Just my usual luck.
On my way home, the only sound I could hear was the light drizzle from the sky and the squashing of my old shoes on the wet road. Something about it made me sad - this town was full of shouting children and honking drivers just a few days ago. But I will admit, it was relaxing.
I found myself in front of my cousin's house before long. After all, we only lived half a street apart. His car wasn't there, but his shoes were still on the steps. At least he remembered to wear boots. I sigh to myself and continue my journey.
When I finally reach my home, I look to my left. The sight before me never fails to amaze me. Sandstone mountains, crystal clear lakes and trees taller than the sky. It's everything I've ever wanted and more. If one thing has to last forever, I hope this is it.
After a moment and a long, pine-filled breath, I head inside my house and shout to my family.
"Honey! I'm home!"
And I'm greeted back with the smell of rotting flesh, as per usual.

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