Five Card Story: Is organized religion good for society?

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Introduction (pic 1):
In many ways since the beginning of organized religion, it has been able to build communities. It keep groups of people living in harmony with each other, just like how actual buildings made in cities do!

(pic 2):
In history, and still today people can feel angry and depressed for a lot of reasons whether they are in a community or not. However a lot of times religion is able to give individuals peace and happiness in times where they may feel most low. People who may have just lost a loved one can still celebrate and smile if they believe that due to their religion everything is ok and for a reason that they understand.

(pic 3):
Organized religion have brought people together, whether that be in worship in a certain religious building or for celebration gatherings like weddings or funerals where people can share how they feel about what they believe in with other people who believe in the same thing. This gives people a sense of friendliness in their communities and keeps them from feeling lost and lonely a lot of the time.

Counterarguement (pic 4):
Now at the same time even thought it may bring people who believe in the same thing together, it is because of differences in religious beliefs across countries that many people have died especially in American history. This is still very relevant to today when it comes to wars happening over religious places and buildings in certain areas of the world.

Conclusion (pic 5):
All in all religion still gives people certain morals that most people can agree with universally so that we all are all able to make sense of the world and live with each other in harmony. It gives people a beautiful light in their lives to keep pushing in directions that may help them and save other people as well. It is still important though that people are able to still live more peacefully with people that don't believe in the same things and respect their beliefs as well.

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