Five Card Story: The Holocaust

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Photo 1: during the Great Depression, hitler rose to power. This picture looks like it would be from the Great Depression.
Photo 2: hitler was angry because Germany was blamed for WW1. This made him want to blame it on someone else. He chose Jewish people to blame it on. I chose this picture because the rock looks angry.
Photo 3: in 1935, Germany passed the Nuremberg laws. These laws allowed no marriage between Jews and non Jews, it forced Jews out of their homes and jobs, and it took citizenship away from Jews. I chose this picture because it looks like people passing laws.
Photo 4: this photo looks like a tall fence. Tall fences were used in concentration camps along with heavy guarding. In these camps, Jews would be gassed, forced to build and make things, starved, tested on with “medical” things, and so much more.
Photo 5: Germany finally surrendered a week after hitler killed himself. There were enemies coming to Germany and Hitler knew there was no way he could beat them so he killed his wife, his dog and himself.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) dwtno (5) bionicteaching

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