Five Card Story: Spinach

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There was a girl who was like any other that age. She didn’t like vegetables, she was a troublemaker, and always wanted her way. Her parents just wanted the best for her and let her get a little spoiled.

However due to their lack of parenting the daughter became deficient in many valuable traits and vitamins a growing girl should have. So the parents wanted a change, and what better change then making a delicious spinach stew.

The girl hated it. It looked like slime and she thought she was perfectly fine. So fine in fact that she started becoming very hostile. She didn’t care about what her parents thought, she didn’t care what anyone else did. All she wanted was some peace and quiet. When no one would bother her anymore or make her eat yucky food. As she was getting ready for bed and shut her eyes taught all she wished for was exactly that.

She wakes up to the sun beating down on her face, she was surprised she wasn’t woke up by the daily morning birds chirping but she shrugged it off. She heads downstairs rubbing her eye and noticed that her parents room is empty and the house is quiet. Instead of questioning anything she decided to celebrate and go on a binge while enjoying the time before her parents get back. She looked at the door leading outside knowing she wasn’t allowed the leave the house without permission, but with the current situation she didn’t care. She wanted to have the fun day she planned for. She ran outside and starting skipping all about, picked up some flowers, and smacked on lots of candy.

However, the sky looked more ominous than ever, it was the same gray all day. While the daughter was enjoying her time she slowly started to realize that things were off and that she has been the only girl outside this whole time. The neighborhood was silent, not even an insect in sight. She didn’t want to start panicking so she started walking around investigating. The schools were empty, cars were randomly parked. She decided to go back to her house and sit on the couch fidgeting. Everyone was gone, no, everything was gone.

It was finally peace and quiet. I guess no one really is around to bother her anymore. Weirdly through it all she looked up at the table and just stared at where it all started, that spinach stew. But why fret, she got her wish right?….

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5)

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