Five Card Story: Bertoville

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In the quiet town of Bertoville, Wyoming two young boys were walking home from a tough basketball practice. In these winter months, the sun was far gone by this time and the boys had to rely on moonlight only to see. The boys noticed the air had a distinct eeriness to it and decided today they would try to walk as fast as possible. As they walked an old ruby-red corvette started tailing them, it first assumed a slow speed, barely over 10mph with its front lights off just following the boys. Soon the boys noticed and darted off into a trail of sorts the car darting off when the driver realized the kids noticed him. As the boys ran deeper into the trail, unaware of the speed they were moving at because of the adrenaline pumping through their blood, they soon got to a part of town they never saw before. There was simply a singular church that emitted a strange aura that the boys felt drawn to. As they walked by, they noticed a cat perched on the window frame of the old church. It seemed to be watching them, its eyes glowing in the fading light. On the door of the church lay a strange symbol that the boys never saw before, as they went to inspect it one of the boys touched it and the cat immediately ran from the window. The boys now frozen with fear could only scream as the large wooden doors to the church began to slowly creak open. A cold, unwelcoming air attacked the boys and they wanted desperately to leave the church. A tall, dark figure in a black robe slowly appeared at the doorstep with a bible in hand staring at the boys. The cat then jumped on the man's shoulder purring loudly, the cat continued to purr but while purring its face morphed into that of an old woman with an evil grin plastered on her face. She spoke in an ancient-sounding tongue, with her tone raising dramatically at certain words. The boys could not understand what she was saying but the last word she said left her face with an evil grin. As soon as she said that last word the church disappeared completely, leaving not a single trace of its existence. The boys were left confused and shocked at what just happened to them, this soon turned into a deep sense of dread and panic as the boys realized they had zero clue of where they were and nothing but woods surrounded them. The feeling of hope was quickly fleeting and the two sank deeper and deeper into despair as the reality of their situation sunk in. The boys understood this was real life, not a movie, and the chances of escape were slim to none. But just as fast as the church disappeared, the same red corvette from earlier appeared to the boys again. This time the boys could actually see the car and on the back license plate, the same insignia that was on the church's door was on it. Like the man from the church, a tall, dark figure dawning a jet-black robe appeared out of the car holding a bible. He walked slowly almost nearing the boys and simply gestured them towards him. The boys realizing this may be their only chance of escape followed him and began walking after him. The man led them into his car and the second the boys got in the doors locked. The boys stared at each other at the same time and started screaming and banging the windows as hard as possible to get out. This effort was futile though and the man started driving deeper into the woods. As the boys realized what was going to happen they tried to attack the man but nothing fazed him. Every hit seemed to do zero damage and he just kept on driving. Soon the boys hear a small feminine chuckle that erupted into full-on laughter all stemming from the same cat they saw earlier. The boys simply started crying and began to accept their fate. The man then stopped the car opened the doors and motioned the boys out. The boys were now in a clearing with the man and his evil cat, seeing nobody but themselves the boys thought maybe they could make a dash to escape but the second that thought entered their minds hooded figures all dressed identically to the man in the robe entered the clearing. There were maybe 40 of them in all and they closed in on the two boys. They grabbed the boys and led them to what looked to be a bonfire with now hundreds of the hooded men chanting something in the same ancient language they were speaking earlier with bibles in their hands. The boys desperately tried one more time to run away but it was far too late and they were dragged closer to the bonfire. The last thing they saw before they were thrown in was every single person at the bonfire having the same evil, sinister, twisted grin the cat had inside the church. The bonfire then consumed the boys leaving nothing behind but the ashes of the two. The town of Bertoville never heard from the two again and their disappearances were never solved. But some say that on nights with the moonlight shining, you can hear the screams of the boys echoing through certain forests. A caution to anyone unlucky enough to be in the area at that time.

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