Five Card Story: The Perfect Christmas

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My mother told me that Christmas is coming she is excited, but what is it? I ask her "Mother, what is Christmas?"
"It is when a fluffy old man who wears a red suit comes and gives young children presents in exchange for treats." she smiles. Now I am excited. "Mother, can I ask for a present?"
"Yes Darling, go write Santa a letter."
I begin writing,
Dear, Santa
I would like to get a present that will help my mother to make her crafts so she can sell them and use the money to feed us. She likes her tools made of bones. I want her to have magic tools that make sure her crafts turn out well every time. Thank you, Santa.
Love, Jon
I am told to go to sleep so I hide under my covers and squeeze my eyes shut until I wake up in the morning. There is a present for me and one for Mother. I tell her to open hers first so she does and inside there is a brand new set of bone tools. She looks up and says "Thank you, Santa."
I smile ear to ear I got what I had asked for! "Now open yours, dear."
I received a stuffed bear that felt like soft cotton candy but was the colour of tree bark. It also has green button eyes. I hugged it close "thank you, Santa."
My mother looked even happier about my gift than hers. "Thank you so much, Santa Claus" my mother smiled as a happy tear rolled down one of her hollow cheeks.

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