Five Card Story: The Ghost In The Terrace

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a Five Card Flickr story by Caram, Castillo, S., Castillo, K., Claro, Clerig created Apr 23 2023, 03:25:24 pm. Create a new one!

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It was a fine monday morning, in the month of June. The sun was about to rise from the east and the dark surroundings was about to be lit. In that early morning, Rosetta, a 21 year old college student woke up from her sleep due to the cold morning breeze passing by the window of her apartment. As her usual routine, she got up from bed and prepares to make a breakfast for herself, stir a cup of warm coffee which is perfect for the cold morning breeze, prepares her school uniform and was ready to take a bath. She turn on the shower and takes a bath when an eerie feeling struck her, she suddenly hears a humming sound coming from a lady. However she still continues to soap her body and continue until she finished, then she tried to listen for it in a while, she was relieved when it was gone. Rosetta, was confused and didn't mind it, she thought to herself that maybe she is just hallucinating things. When she got out of her apartment, she is in a hurry because she might be late in her class, but when she passed by her terrace in her peripheral vision, she saw a lady looking from afar. She just close her eyes and prayed, pretended she didn't saw it.

Around 5 in the afternoon, Rosetta arrived home. She ate her dinner, took a half bath, changed into her pajamas, and prepared herself to do some of her take-home assignments. It took an hour for her to finish it. Before she goes to bed, she decides to go on her terrace and relax for just a couple of minutes. She then suddenly remembered what she saw earlier, but she didn’t mind it. She played a song. While she was listening to the music, suddenly she was unable to move. Her body becomes paralyzed, as if an unseen weight is upon her. She can breathe and think, but she is unable to speak. As she opened her eyes, she again saw the lady at the edge of her terrace walking and looking towards her. As the lady was about to go nearer, she suddenly woke up and realized she had sleep paralysis. She suddenly ran inside her room and closed the door on the terrace. She was so afraid and worried about why she kept seeing that lady. But then she decided to go to sleep and just pray. And then the sun's rays passing through her terrace woke her up, knowing that it is already morning. A moment later, she was staring blankly across the garden on her terrace. She saw a lot of people passing by; some were talking and having coffee on the bench, adorable kids playing with a grin. A mucky rag hanged on the fence around the corner of the garden caught her attention. There were words written on it, it was blurry at first sight. So she immediately grab her glasses as her confusion starting to rise. It was still hard to read, her forehead scrunched when she figured out the words written on it. Shiver run through her spine, her heart pounding in strung. She was trembling in distressed and felt tears running down her cheeks. A couple of minutes passed by, she was still in dazed. She tightened her gripped, almost fell on her knees when the words appeared clear. "Honey you were not dreaming, mommy missed you." Those were the words written on it, its as if it was talking to her. When she think about the lady in her dreams, she felt warmth recalling that.... all along; the gaze, the stroke, the smile. It was her mom, her late mom whom she not visited for a long time.

Rosetta couldn't shake off the feeling of overwhelming emotions that washed over her after reading the message on the rag. She was consumed by guilt and sadness for not visiting her mom and she regretted not spending more time with her while she still had the chance. As she sat there in her terrace, lost in thought, she remembered how her mom used to take her to the beach every Sunday when she was a kid. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the salty breeze, and the warm sun on her skin were some of the happiest memories of her childhood. She decided to take a walk by the beach to clear her mind. As she walked along the shore, she felt a sense of peace and comfort. She knew her mom was there with her in spirit, and it was as if she was walking beside her. Rosetta sat down on the sand, and as she watched the sunset, she reminisced every memory she had with her mom. She felt a sense of release as she poured her heart out. In that moment, she realized that her mom was always with her, and that the love they shared transcended death. She knew that she had to cherish every moment with her loved ones and not take them for granted. With a sense of clarity and purpose, Rosetta made a promise to herself to live her life to the fullest and honor her mom's memory. She knew that she would never forget this moment, and that the love she had for her mom would always be with her, just like the sunset by the beach.

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