Five Card Story: Behind the Lens

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Behind every outstanding photograph is a photographer who has put in innumerable hours of hard work, dedication, and passion. Photographers are visual storytellers who capture moments and emotions through their lenses. They use their skills and creativity to create images that convey powerful messages and evoke strong emotions. However, what goes behind the lens is often overlooked.

There once was a famous photographer named Miko who was sought after for his excellent photography skills. He had a natural talent for capturing stunning images, leaving people in awe. These images not only range to people's portraits but also extend to landscapes and colorful sceneries of nature. His photographs were vibrant, full of life, and spoke to the souls of those who viewed them. Miko deeply loved his art, and he spent most of his time exploring new techniques, experimenting with different styles, and learning new ways to capture the world's beauty.

However, behind these colorful portraits, Miko began feeling a sense of emptiness that he couldn't shake off as time passed. He started to feel his photographs were meaningless and that he was not contributing anything of value to the world. No matter how much praise or recognition he received, it did not fill the void within him. He felt that his pictures did not have stories to tell anymore and that he had no more talent to share with the world.

As Miko's depression worsened, his motivation to take photographs dwindled, and he began withdrawing from the world around him. His once colorful and vibrant images became darker and more pessimistic, reflecting his inner turmoil. The camera that used to bring him joy now felt like a heavy burden, a constant reminder of his struggles. The camera shutter that gives his soul a heap of delight now provides him a blow of despair.

Despite his struggles, Miko persisted in taking photographs, but they were different. People began to glimpse that his images were not reflecting Miko's energy, and that image's story is now formidable to decipher. His pictures now had a haunting quality, reflecting his inner pain and gloom.

Miko's depression came to a point where he had a dilemma in quitting photography. Nevertheless, he kept on trying to think that one day he may be able to reignite the spark that he thought could save him from the deep hole of sadness.

Miko's loved ones became increasingly concerned and encouraged him to seek professional help. Miko was consumed by anxiety and fear. He supposed that seeking psychological help would continuously derail his consciousness and could lead him into psychosis. He also fears that seeking professional help would lead the public to criticize and label him to be mentally ill.

After much hesitation and advice from his loved ones, Miko finally went to a therapist and was diagnosed with depression. With the help of medication, therapy, and support from his family and friends, Miko slowly began to heal.

Miko understood that healing from depression is a process and it can take time. He properly takes medication and therapy, which help manage the symptoms of depression and improve overall mental health. Throughout Miko's healing process, his family was a robust support system that provided emotional support and encouragement. Also, he practiced self-care and explored other activities that brought him joy and relaxation. With time, patience, and dedication to his mental health, Miko continued to heal and improve his overall well-being.

Over time, Miko's love for photography returned, and he started to find meaning and purpose in his art once again. He began to see the beauty in the world and the significance of capturing it through his lens. His images again reflected hope, joy, and resilience, validating the power of recovery and the human spirit.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) shareski (4) Serenae (5) bionicteaching

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