Five Card Story: Aster

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a Five Card Flickr story by Licarte, Livera, Matinong, Miado created May 02 2023, 03:38:58 am. Create a new one!

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Once there was a man named Dave who had lost the love of his life, his girlfriend, Aster. Aster was a vibrant and kind person, and Dave had loved her deeply. However, she had passed away unexpectedly, leaving Dave feeling lost and alone.

Dave struggled to cope with the loss of Aster. He felt as if a part of him had died with her, and he couldn't imagine finding happiness or love again. He withdrew from his friends and family, and he spent most of his days wandering aimlessly, consumed by his sorrow.

One day, Dave decided to visit Aster's grave, which he had not done for a long time. As he stood there, staring at the grave, he felt a deep sense of sadness and longing. Suddenly, he noticed a small plant growing beside the grave. It was a beautiful, delicate flower, with soft purple petals and a sweet fragrance.

Dave was surprised to see the flower there, as he had never noticed it before. He wondered how it had survived in the harsh conditions of the cemetery, and he felt a sense of awe and wonder at its resilience.

As he looked at the flower, Dave felt a surge of emotion. He remembered how much Aster had loved flowers, and how she had always encouraged him to appreciate the beauty of nature. He realized that the flower was a symbol of Aster's love and spirit, and that she was still with him in some way.

With tears in his eyes, Dave made a vow to himself. He would choose love and patience, even in the face of his grief and sorrow. He would honor Aster's memory by living his life to the fullest, and by cherishing the moments he had with the people he loved.

From that day on, Dave visited Aster's grave regularly, and he always took the time to admire the flower. He felt a sense of peace and comfort whenever he saw it, and he knew that Aster was watching over him, guiding him with her love and wisdom.

In the end, Dave learned that love is a powerful force, one that can transcend even death. He discovered that by choosing love and patience, he could find meaning and purpose in his life and that the memory of Aster would always be a source of inspiration and strength.

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