Five Card Story: The Cat Named Meredith Grey

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a Five Card Flickr story by Cosip, Delfino, De Oca, Deligente, and Desampara created May 02 2023, 08:21:32 am. Create a new one!

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“Kring! Kring!”
“Ugh! It’s Monday again,” I rushed through my phone as it rang loudly, “Hello, good morning, this is Inspector Alwin, how can I help you?”
“Good morning, Inspector, this is Sergeant Gomez from Department 8, there was a reported incident earlier this morning at the Housing Ran Motel at Room 13. We need you to check it out as soon as possible.”
“Yes, I’ll be there, Sergeant Gomez.”
I packed my things, grabbed my car keys and rushed through the morning traffic. As I was approaching the motel building, a stray cat jumped out of the street and I was about to hit it with my car. Luckily, I stepped on the break and drifted to the right to avoid hitting the stray cat.
The cat has a mix of black and gray stripes and the color of its eyes are emerald green.
It looked straight into my soul like it was about to curse me to death and it sent shivers to my spine. I sighed a breath of anxiety knowing that today might be an unlucky day.

As I parked the car on the gravel road, I felt a strong breeze. I looked around and saw the motel looking old, a few cars parked and some rooms looked empty. The whole atmosphere of the building was eerie. I approached the front desk and an old woman who was wearing a yellow floral daster dress welcomed me and told me that she was actually the one who reported a noise complaint in Room 13. The receptionist gave me the keys and heeded me a warning about this room. “Be careful, every person who stays in this room complains of weird paranormal events.”

A loud commotion suddenly happens along the hallway as I’m walking towards the infamous room. Another lady approached me saying there was a weird smell coming from the room, “A rotten smell, like a dead body!” She exclaimed. I made the people surrounding the door take a step back as I tried to open it. I found everything they say impossible to believe, I don’t even believe in ghosts and weird paranormal things. But, when I finally opened the door, my beliefs shattered along the creaking sound of the door opening. I saw a wooden wall with carved gothic design. At the left side, there was an abnormally large trash can that was not usually found inside homes but rather outside on the streets. On the right side of the wooden wall, there was a staircase going to rooms upstairs.

As I was walking around the living room, there was blood scattered from the living room to the kitchen. I followed the trail of blood and arrived in the kitchen, seeing even more mess from the debilitated cookwares and rotten food.

“Thud!” A loud bang suddenly occurred upstairs. I rushed up the stairs and saw how there was a scatter of dead rats. As I examined closer, the rats had scratches and bites along their bodies. There were also scratches along the walls of the rooms.

“S-s-s-shik, s-s-shik,” a scratchy sound was then heard from inside a cabinet. I walked towards it and all of a sudden, the door opened and I jumped backwards. I saw a streak of black and gray and my eyes followed the color. It stopped and rested on the red sofa near the bed and It was the same cat I almost hit with my car earlier this morning. As I scanned her body, there was a pink collar with a written name on it.

It was then that I realized that the “crime” everybody was trying to figure out was not as expected as it was. And the suspect was the cat named Meredith Grey.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) bionicteaching (5)

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