Five Card Story: A Camp to Remember

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a Five Card Flickr story by Alemier Terania, Aziel Terania, Soria, Segunla created May 04 2023, 12:23:15 pm. Create a new one!

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Ara woke up in an unfamiliar place, perplexed of where she is she tried opening the door in front of her. As soon as she opened the mysterious door she find herself in a room that is very dark. Even though it was dark she doesn't feel afraid instead, she find herself interested of what that room has to offer, she looked around for a flashlight to help her see her surroundings but she couldn't find one. Suddenly, there was a light but she couldn't determine if it was morning or afternoon, but the light is a mix of sunlight and city lights, the solitary light in the room appears to be both natural and man-made. The light was directed to a wall leading her to see a map of adventure it is as if she is about to go on a quest. Everything seem so mysterious of how everything was plotted. Ara seem to enjoy everything that is happening to her. Most people would think that waking up in an unfamiliar and mysterious place is a cause for concern that a danger may take place, but she believe she have done it before. So, without hesitation she took on the map and as soon as she had the map in her hands she travelled and followed the instructions. She went on a forest as told, she was able to see distinct animals that led her in awe as it was the first time she saw such amazing animals walking on the trees as if they were welcoming her arrival. She was very delighted to see the nature and is excited to see what's coming next. She heard voices singing and giggling like they were dancing, she was surprised to see a group of children that is also there waiting for her to arrive. The children said that someone told them to wait for Ara as she will be the one who will take them into tour in the forest and will also help them to experience a camp to remember. Ara then checked the map and there were rules for her to discuss on how to keep the children safe while on the tour.

Ara told the children:

Do not carve, chop, cut or damage any live trees.
Preserve and protect your national forests.
Leave natural areas the way you find them.
No fighting or boisterous behavior.
Keep and secure your personal belongings with you.
Always keep a flashlight with you.
Do not go without my permission.
Always observe buddy to buddy system.
Leave nothing but footprints.
Bring nothing but memories.

After she shared the friendly reminders, the children was very excited to go on the adventure with her. They first visited the where the Swans are situated.

The children was very amazed with the Swans because the Swans looked very magical in different colors. Ara then told a little trivia with the children as instructed in the map she is carrying she shared that Aristotle, Plato and Socrates all believed that swans singing prowess was heightened as death approaches, giving rise to the idea of the swan song, or the final performance. During the Middle Ages, the mute swan was considered to be a valuable commodity and was regularly traded between noblemen.

They then continue to visit the forest even more, they discovered a secret lake in the heart of the forest and they decided to swim for awhile. They took photos and laugh together. It was indeed an amazing swim, after swimming, they then decided to go back to the camp site and decided to gather firewood to make a bonfire.

Suddenly, after gathering the woods for bonfire , she felt wet around her face she closed her eyes and she started hearing screaming voices. As soon she opened her eyes again . She discovered that it was just all a dream because the screaming voice was her mother trying to wake her up from sleep. Despite everything she smiled because for her it was a Camp to Remember with the kids she was with.

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