Five Card Story: The Moss and the Bloom: A Story of Solitude and Purpose

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It was a rainy afternoon, the sky was dark and the clouds were gray. Celine looked out the window as she watched a couple of kids playing in the puddle of rain. She was envious of the sounds of their laughter and wanted to join in on the fun. However, her parents do not allow her to go out of the house and play with the other kids because she is severely ill. So, instead, her parents built her a room filled with books to keep her company. Celine always thought that her life was boring, and she always dreamt of going out, having fun with the other kids, and living a normal life. Every day she would always have the same routine: wake up, eat, read, and sleep. Celine has grown tired of these same old habits.

One day, as she was reading a novel while looking outside the window, she saw a tree filled with mosses. While looking at it, she thought to herself, "I am just like this moss; simple, boring, and nowhere to go". As she was thinking of this, her mother came into her room and saw her looking glum. Celine told her mother, "Why was I born like this? I cannot enjoy what the other kids are enjoying. I am always reading books! I'm sick and tired of it!". As those words came out of Celine's mouth, her mother's face looked shattered as she saw her only daughter's face filled with pain and sorrow. Her mother felt sorry for her and said, "You may not experience what those kids outside are enjoying, but I assure you that the knowledge that you get from reading these books will stick to you like moss in a tree and will surely help you grow. As her mother went out of the room, she realized that she was right. Celine thought that she was privileged to have been given a life that was comfortable and was provided with the proper education and the gift of knowledge through books. Because the kids outside that she once saw playing in the puddle of rain did not have the privilege of learning and going to school. So, instead, of feeling sorry for herself for being disabled and is not able to enjoy life to the fullest, she realized that she can bloom in the field of solitude and despair.


Celine recovered from her illness and was able to get a degree in Education. Ten years ago, she made it her goal to get well and finish her studies. Celine may have spent most of her life inside the four corners of her room reading plenty of books, but little did she know that this was her purpose all along — to impart her knowledge and serve as a guiding light to underprivileged children.


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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) Serenae

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