Five Card Story: A reflection from the past

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Chester always bikes going to his workplace. He bikes for approximately 3 KM from his home. This has been his routine for about 3 years already. He has been working as an accountant manager in Manila. He likes smelling the fresh air in the city that is why he always opted to choose biking as his mode of transportation. One day, while he going to work, he saw 2 lovely energetic kids. The kids seem to be loved and came from a well-off family. He began to go back to his childhood. Chester has a tragic child life. He was abandoned by his mother and was left to his alcoholic father. He was physically and emotionally abused but one thing that gave him strength was his wit and intelligence. Despite all those trials in life, he was the top student in his batch that made him to have access in free education from primary school to tertiary school. So upon seeing these 2 kids made him think that life was hard back then. But, when he is about to enter the building where he works at, he saw a blooming flower that reminds him that he has now a different life from the past. It reminded him that he has gone a long way already. He smiled at the blooming flower and made a self-affirmation that he did great conquering all those trials when he was a child. He reminisced that he graduated summa cum laude and topped the accountancy board exam that landed him a prestigious job in a well-known company. The job that pays his bills and buys things he needs and wants. He made good life choices because of his perseverance and hard work. So, he keeps going and went to his office where he saw a woman with a laptop preparing for an initial interview beside the woman is a new picture frame that looks like 2 dirty hands. The woman seems anxious and worried. Chester felt that he needs to talk to the girl. He said to the woman as verbalized by him," these are all part of the process to become a something you want to be and you just have to trust the process." "As you can see in the picture, there's 2 dirty hands, I was once in that dirty hands with a bad life but then through, determination, hard work and focus on life, I was able to lift my life from darkness to light. These are all part of process, and we must make sure that we have to go on to see the light after a dark tunnel. After hearing Chester's word, the woman felt easy and motivated. And that how he begins his day.

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