Five Card Story: Exploring in a New City

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a Five Card Flickr story by Chris Gannon created Jun 17 2023, 08:09:36 pm. Create a new one!

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I wake up, and the first thing is to find a good breakfast - I always make sure to eat in the most hole-in-the-wall, greasy spoon type of place, where the locals go and the coffee is cheap and bottomless.
Then I set out to explore on foot. I'm careful to follow the signs at first, since I don't know the drivers here. Do they REALLY follow stop signs, or will I get hit in the crosswalk? I don't really want to find out, so a little precaution is warranted.
I'm fascinated by the street art I see along my path. I think to myself that some street artists have a real talent, and wonder what they could do on a canvas hanging in an art gallery, where they could sign their true name instead of a tag. Or would that change their style too much?
At night, I make sure to find a dive bar, the kind of place that plays real rock music, live and loud. Some of the best bands I've heard are the ones I've only heard the one night that I happened to wander into the bar they were playing. I want to recapture that each time I visit a new city.
On any trip to a new city, I always plan a day where there is not having a plan. I want to go where the mood takes me - maybe it's a beachside city, and I can sit, feel the breeze while watching the crowds as boats go by in the distance.

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