Five Card Story: The Church

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There was a young boy named Zack who was sent to church by his parents. The church was located in a small, delightful village. The village was full of flowers and trees that were planted by the priests. 
While the boy was cleaning the wild grass outside the church's garden, he heard several footsteps approaching him. Zack turned his head around, and he saw Father. "It's so scorching out here, isn't it? Why don't you come inside and have a glass of lemonade? I made a few glasses for everyone." The father invited Zack politely. "I will come in after finishing this." Zack replied merrily with a grin. He reaped all of the grass as rapidly as he could.
Suddenly, he heard a noise coming from the basement. Zack rushed swiftly to the basement and checked on what was happening. As he opened the basement door, a chilly wind full of dust flushed through his face. Zack coughed as he looked around the place. He saw a doll with several broken pieces of glass surrounding it. "A rat must have broken it." Zack thought to himself. Then he picked up all of the glasses and placed them on the table. Zack held the doll up and examined its details carefully. The doll was tiny; it was only equal to the size of a human's palm hand, and it was dressed up like a farmer, wearing a straw hat and brown overalls. Zack spotted something was written on the doll's hat and it said Zoey. Zack read the name out loud,"Zoey."
As the days gave way to nights and Zack left, Zack's bond to the doll increased. As if the doll were a confidante, he spoke to it, telling it about his hopes and worries. But as the weeks went by, a dark change started to take place. The once-bright eyes of Zack grew dark, and his laughter became hollow. When the priests saw Zack's transformation, rumors of the doll's power began to spread like wildfire. Zack passed out not long after that.

Luna, a stray cat, sneaks inside a church in the dead of night, and she immediately feels connected to Zack. The doll's glassy eyes appear to blaze with evil light when the clock strikes midnight, and a dark force surrounds the room. Luna has a gut feeling that she is Zack's only chance.
Luna's mobility allows her to leap onto the doll's pedestal and engage the doll's evil spirit. Luna succeeds in driving the doll's spirit and lifeless, glassy eyes away as daylight breaks. Luna purred sweetly next to Zack as he awoke, giving off a sense of success. Zack's eyes were wide with surprise as he did so. When the priests noticed Zack's eyes starting to shine again, the church took on a new meaning as a place of restoring and hope. As a memorial to the enduring power of bravery, friendship, and the unbreakable spirit of those who refuse to be consumed by shadows, the legend of Zack and Luna, the child and the cat who overcame darkness, was passed down through generations.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) (5) Serenae

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