Five Card Story: Gone Right....?

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One day, a young man was swimming by himself all day and while he was swimming he didn't even realize it had gotten so late. So he stopped swimming and decided to change into a clean pair of clothes so he can walk to his apartment. So after changing he packed his bags and began walking to his apartment but then he saw a flash drive on the floor and he decided to pick it up and use it when he gets back cause he was curious. So he arrived to his apartment and opened his door , dropped his bags into his room and then pulled out his laptop from under his bed. He then proceeded to go to his living room so he could turn on his laptop. After he turned on his laptop he inserted the flash drive and opened it up. He clicked on the first file and it was just a carpet , he kept scrolling file by file it was just furniture until he got to the last file and it was a video. He clicked on the video and it was himself walking into his apartment but the date of the file was 3 years ago before this young man had moved in to his apartment but the video looks like it was from today and he came back from swimming. He was so creeped out and was trying to convince himself that it was a dream.
He suddenly received an email. He opened the email and it said these exact words "I'm always watching you, from the past present and future and if you tell anyone about anything that happened today you will not wake up tomorrow.

To be continued....

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