Five Card Story: St. Augustine of Hippo

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- St. Augustine of Hippo was a Christian bishop. A renowned theologian and prolific writer, he was also a skilled preacher and rhetorician (James O'Donnell, 2023)
Second Picture
- St. Augustine has same Philosophy with Plato but not totally same since his philosophy is more on religious perspective. He come up with his perspective with the idea of Plato, he also believe that the soul is immortal and the person was made up of both body and soul. but the difference is he does not believe that the soul move from another body when a persons dies and strongly believe that a soul will go to heaven with God.

Third and fourth picture
he came up with his philosophy with the help of his belief and faith with God. He said that we will able to know ourselves through words of God. that is why He said that "knowing God is Knowing self"

fifth picture
- He said that through self-presentation and self realization we can develop ourselves and we can achieve this through having faith with God. It was like understanding the self is centered in religious conviction and beliefs. In addition, true happiness can only be found in God and comes through a relationship with him.(Salvation Villafuerte,)

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