Five Card Story: Immanuel Kant "We Construct the Self"

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1st Picture -This shows the transendental Ego of a person. This is the "you" that thinks, Self reflects, and makes sense of the world. It's like the director behind the scenes, orchestrating your thoughts and experiences. Kant believed this inner self is responsible for giving unity and coherence to all your thoughts and experiences.

2nd Picture -According to him, we all have an inner and an outer self which together form our consciousness. The inner self is comprised of our psychological state and our rational intellect. The outer self includes our sense and the physical world. When speaking of the inner self, there is apperception.

3rd Picture -This shows the Imperical ego of a person. This is the "you" that other people see and interact with. It's the part of you that acts and behaves in the world, and it's observable by others. Your outer self is shaped by your inner self but is not the same thing. The outer self, which is the way you present yourself to others through your actions or behavior.

4th Picture -The self transcends experience because the mind can grasp aspects of reality which are not limited to the scenes. Through rationality, people are able to understand certain abstract ideas that have no corresponding physical object or sensory experience.

5th Picture -Shows that it is the self that
makes experiencing an intelligible world possible because it is the self that actively organizing and synthesizing all of our thoughts and perceptions.

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