Five Card Story: My Dog My Hero

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My dog Marbles is a great dog, he actually saved my live once. It was a normal boring day afternoon so we decided to take a scroll through the park.
Rising Action:
As we walked through the park enjoying the day. Someone grabbed me from behind and threw me into a car. Marble was barking and chased down the car I was in.
Marbles ran through the highway and followed us till we stopped an abandoned house on a hill. Marbles hide in the bushes until the man opened the door to the car and Marbles jump and started attacking him.I jumped in the drivers seat and drove to get help.
Falling Action:
I drove to the Main Street found a store and called the police. The cops showed up and I took them to the house where my kidnappers took me. There we found Marbles sitting on the porch of the house and the kidnapper was trapped inside the house.
Marbles and I returned home. And I ran into my parents arms in such relief. Marbles is not just a dog he’s my hero.

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