Five Card Story: Spontaneous trip to Spain

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Hi everybody! I'm Julia and I'm 19 years old. A few weeks ago, my friend and I were on our dream vacation. It all started in quite a funny way but I'll tell you everything.

My friend and I were walking around the town. We talked about our common dream, which is vacation in Spain. At one point, we saw information on a travel agency's shop exposition about a last-minute trip to Spain. We thought it was fate so we quickly returned to my house and booked it. We arranged everything before leaving. Our flight was short and we slept most of the time. We stayed in a beautiful hotel in Barcelona with a wonderful view of the city. Our trip was planned for a week so we decided to use this time well. We saw Sagrada Familia and took a lot of photos there. We went to several museums and an aquarium where we saw a lot of beautiful water animals. What I liked most was the turtles that we could even touch. Every day we went to a nearby restaurant where we ate local food. We often spent time in the park next to the hotel and on the last day we had a picnic there.

We returned home excited and with wonderful memories. It was my best vacation even though I was stressed because it was a spontaneous trip but everything was as we wanted. The thing that really surprised me in Spain was that people don't pay attention to traffic lights they just cross the streets whenever they want. I think it's dangerous. Let me know in the comments what you think about it.
See you soon!

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