Five Card Story: The Day Dave Got in Trouble

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Exposition-- It was early June and three college students that lived in New York City, named George, Chris, and Dave decided to go on a road trip to Cape May to the beach.They were very excited to go and spend the day doing something fun.

Rising Action-- After a long road trip of four hours, they finally made it to Cape May and was at the beach in minutes. They all ran to the ocean and admired how beautiful it looked. George and Chris decided to go swimming. Dave was single, so he decided to try and flirt with some beautiful ladies. While Dave was enjoying talking to one woman, he got into an argument with her Brother. Her brother punched Dave and he punched him back. A police officer nearby saw the fight and went to break it up. At the same time, George and Chris saw the fight and made it to Dave at the same time the officer did.

Climax-- The two men got arrested for fighting. George and Chris were told they could pick up Dave at the police station. After being arrested, Dave calmed down and realized how much trouble he was in. He got to the police station and they released him as long as he attends his court date. The paperwork took so long. George and Chris waited five hours until Dave was released.

Falling Action-- Dave was ashamed and told his friends of how it happened. They had a long walk to the car. The only thing that made it better is how beautiful Cape May is. They walked by beautiful with gardens of flowers. They all took pictures and decided to come back very soon. Unfortunately, they had to start their very long drive home.

Resolution-- They made it back home late at night. They were very pleased to be home. George made a comment that "at least Chris and I had fun, you should've just went swimming with us!" Dave agreed with that annoying statement. They all laughed together and decided it was time for sleep.


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