Five Card Story: Neglectful Pet Owners

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Adopting animals as gift can be a very dangerous idea. When people give a pet as a gift the person giving the gift doesn't think how the person receiving the pet will be as an owner. The person gifting the pet is just excited to give someone a pet.
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Animals need to have an owner that is willing to give them everything they need. Sometimes the new owner receiving the pet as a gift is a perfect owner. They are able to provide the pet everything it needs and are able to make the pet happy, and the pet is able to make the owner happy.
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Often times though the owner that is receiving the pet as a gift can be neglectful of the animal. The new owner wasn't able to make the decision they're self if the new animal is a good idea and if it's a good idea to accept a new big responsibility.
Pic 4
Sometimes the new owners aren't able to handle this new responsibility of a pet and the pet gets neglected. The pets don't get proper food, proper health needs, become depressed, get abandoned, and if really neglected the animal dies.
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The new owner is able to provide the pet everything it needs and make the pet very happy. The new owner is very responsible and the gift couldn't have been the best gift, but when it comes to a living creature it shouldn't be a gamble if the animal will be well taken care of. Pets should not be gifts. The owner of the pet should be able to make the commitment of adopting an animal on their own because animals are living creatures.

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