Five Card Story: What's More Convenient: Public or Personal Transportation

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Pic 1. There's an ongoing argument about which type of transportation is more convenient. Having personal transportation is more beneficial to those who have flexible schedules and who need to get from point A to point B.

Pic 2. A major argument about personal transportation is parking. It can be a hassle to find and pay for parking, especially in the city. But that is one of the cons that come with driving. On the other hand, public transportation doesn't have those problems.

Pic 3. On long drives, it can be faster to reach the destination you're going when driving. When it comes to getting from point A to point B driving can be more convenient because there are no stops you have to go to before actually going to your destination.

Pic 4. When it comes to living in the city traveling by public transportation seems to be the best choice for most. This is because everything is close together so there wouldn't be a need to drive when it's so close. In cities, it is common for people to take the bus and trollies to get around.

Pic 5. Overall which type of transportation people take can be convenient to them based on the type of life they live. It can be expensive to own a car and pay for gas and insurance, but if you live a life where you need to have a flexible schedule driving is what's best for you.

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