Five Card Story: The Lost Dog (Revised)

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a Five Card Flickr story by Jose created Jan 03 2024, 05:23:11 pm. Create a new one!

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exposition-pic 1
One day Mr. Pickles was at home playing with his toys. Then he got kidnapped.

Rising Action-pic 2
Then the owners put up a billboard of Mr. Pickles to see if someone could find him.

Climax-pic 3
A child finds him in a car and Mr. Pickles looks afraid, so the child tells his parents. His parents then start following the car then they end up at a suspicious building. The man who kidnapped Mr. Pickles hopped out of the car and yanked Mr. Pickles out of the car and started to beat him up. Then the little child started crying because he did not want the dog to die. The father of the child got out of the car, hit the kidnapper in the head and took Mr. Pickles with him and brought him back to his home.

Falling Action-pic 4 (To Be Continued)

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