Five Card Story: Be True to You

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a Five Card Flickr story by Yancy Stone created Mar 20 2024, 10:00:02 pm. Create a new one!

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Introduction (Pic 1)-
Behind all the dull colors in life, be the pop of color. A ray of sunshine in this gloomy world. In other words, try to be yourself and see the joy in your life.

Pic 2-
If you feel too confined, too and cannot express your true self, or true potential, leave. Leave that complicated situation so that you can be who you want to be, and not feel like you can't be your own person. You should get to feel that freeing feeling of being yourself over keeping it all inside.

Pic 3-
After finally letting go, and leaving your past situation to be who you are, the right people will come around. They will help encourage you in every way and truly root for you. That's what true friends are.

Counterargument (Pic 4)-
Although, other people in the world would rather follow a crowd, and keep their true thoughts and beliefs to themselves, like this picture. Two rainbows representing different things. One is outspoken and bright, the other unseen and bottled up, away from all the attention. Many people simply have that outgoing personality while others enjoy the quiet in their life. And that is completely okay. Living a simpler life, away from the busy life, and appreciate the little things, the small things of life.

Conclusion (Pic 5)-
Overall, you should never have to be restricted in being who you are. Never let anyone tear you down simply because you may like or dislike something different. It's okay to be a little different and stick out, as long as you are happy and content. Choose to be yourself now, don't wait. You've gone through all these obstacles through this bumpy path, you've made it too far to not make it to the finish line. The finish line of finding the true you.

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