Five Card Story: Traveling with family

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Introduction (picture 1)

There are many different ways and reasons to travel. When in a car we are given the opportunity to see the different names of towns, cities, states in between our destinations. On a cruise it's just a lot of water and on an airplane there isn't anything but the sky.

Picture 2

Most places you visit will have monuments or flags that are important to them. You can learn about why they have those specific flags and/or why that monument means something to them whether it's for the whole community or not. while visiting you can also enjoy the different buildings and how they're structured.

Picture 3

Taking a drive, a walk, a bike ride, in nature will also give you things to learn about. All forests, valleys, woods, caves, mountains have different living creatures. Forest and woods have different growing plants, trees and flowers. Some have water streams other don't.

Picture 4

Walking through the community, center city of the area you're visiting allows you to see the people living there closely. You can see and enjoy their clothing, their food, their way of traveling from place to place. And of course what I love most is hearing their music and how they play it. Some cultures play instruments only to make their music, others use tools, other just play it on speakers.

Picture 5

Though food is crucially important for living it is extremely different everywhere around the world. We know that there are many countries that lack food and only have streams of water for drinking from. In some cases what is appetizing for some is not for others. What looks beautiful and appealing to eat for some looks yucky for others.
We all have different opinions in how to travel, where to travel, why we travel and when we travel. There's thousands of pictures, articles, books, tv shows, movies, etc that have told us different versions on traveling.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Rachel Smith (3) Serenae (4) shareski (5) Serenae (6)

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