Five Card Story: Care over Currency: Health care, a fundamental right?

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Introduction (Pic 1):

Life on earth is not perfect. We should be able to feel like a kid again or similarly, live a healthy life without the stress of finances. Health care should be provided to everyone, poor or rich.

(Pic 2):

We should not have to “stop” and yield at the thought of finances in order to receive care. Hypothetically speaking, First you collapse at work because you haven't seen a physician, unknowingly, medical conditions have arised. Next, you avoid calling an ambulance because it's “too much money,” so you risk driving to the Emergency Room. Lastly, your medical condition has increased and can cause permanent damage to your health.

(Pic 3):

It’s important to have access to good health care to live a life of quality. You can focus on being healthy and present with your family and friends without feeling uneasy about medical bills.

Counterargument (Pic 4):

On the contrary, the federal government and taxpayers would have tax costs raised. A health care proposal by Senator Bernie Sanders, states that an estimate of 40 trillion USD would be the increased cost for the federal budget in the next 10 years. Which in turn will raise existing taxes or introduce new ones, making the overall 70 percent of privately insured households, paying more, under a fully funded health care plan.

Conclusion (Pic 5):

All in all, being set free from the financial stress of medical care, or general health care, will leave us better in the long run. For example, if we have the accessibility of getting regular physical checks by a physician, they can catch an existing condition that may have not been known and treat it, or going to a dentist regularly can prevent larger operations or painful diseases in the future; if not treated it can worsen and become permanent or detrimental. Having health care entitled to everyone will in the end make us live a happier and healthier life.

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