Five Card Story: Going out to eat vs making your own food.

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It is much easier to go out somewhere to eat and is less time consuming; however, learning how to cook from scratch can be be rewarding. The food comes out tasting better. You are bettering yourself by working on your skills. Lastly The cost of the food can be less.

The amount of work that goes into cooking can be frustrating. Messing up a recipe will have you feeling like giving up. If you mess up it can feel like money down the drain.

It is easier to go out an buy food instead of cooking it yourself. You don't have to worry about cleaning up. There is less time commitment.

The end result is highly rewarding. Cooking for other people is fulfilling. The food you worked so hard on has come to its final phase, and you can finally enjoy it. The taste of something delicious can make that moment even more special, and the fact that it was self made can be a point of pride. Buying all the components to a recipe and cooking it yourself can cost less if you were to buy it at a restaurant.

There is a ton of work that goes into cooking that can dissuade people, but if you put in the effort to learn the experience can teach you new skills, impress others, and can save you some money.

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