Five Card Story: Living

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Gripping frost in winter weather
White powder pours until
Breathing ragged, hands together
I pray my heart, “Be still”

Remember brighter days we bloomed
Like flowers in the spring
The golden rays of future loomed
We’d laugh and play and sing

But bliss did end, we came aware
The darkness of the end
Its bitter ghost, as if to dare
“Go on and play pretend”

Though love and joy go down the drain
And grief, it overflows
We stagger through the beating pain
And grow beneath the snow

We grow, we hurt, we change, we bloom
And when it’s done, we wither
But in our hearts beyond our doom
A mark that lasts forever

1. The fear of death is one that takes hold and doesn't let go. It sinks its cold claws into you and sucks away the joy in life. But you can use that feeling to motivate you to do things. If I had unlimited time, I probably wouldn't get anything done.

2. That fear is what makes me wish I were a kid again, like a bud in warm spring. Not a care in the world, only concerned with playing games. Ignorance truly is bliss.

3. And then, death makes a special guest appearance, making sure I knew its name. Even though it was everywhere, in movies, in books, in holidays like ghost and skeleton decor in Halloween, it didn't sink in until my teenage years that I could die. It was then that I really wanted to extend my childhood and put off the real world for as long as I could. I didn't want to face reality.

4. It's that fear that makes life seem worthless, like pouring water in a cup with a hole in the bottom. You can put in as much as you want, you can even connect a hose to a dam, but it'll all drain out eventually, and it'll be as if the cup was never filled in the first place.

5. But upon further reflection, I realized not all hope is lost. Though I may die and be forgotten, my words and actions can influence other people. I can change people's lives, and maybe one of those people can change the world. Even after I disappear, there will still be proof I existed, other than my gravestone.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) (4) gshupe (5) bionicteaching

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