Five Card Story: Opps I woke up late!!``

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a Five Card Flickr story by Alma Sanchez created Mar 26 2024, 08:22:13 pm. Create a new one!

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Exposition - one morning Amber woke up late not realizing it was time for school she was rushing to get dressed and ready for school trying not to be so late once again, she couldn’t afforded to be late for the second time this week. She gets into her car racing down the street going 70 mph not looking at who or what is on the street.
Rising action- As she is going down the street really fast she strikes a little boy who is walking down the streets trying to get to school. Amber screams Ahhh what was that.
Climax- Once Amber gets out of the car she realizes she hit a little boy, but it wasn’t just a little random boy, It Turns out it was her younger brother who she ran over.Ahhh so much emotion came over her. She didn’t know what to do she didn’t know if to run call the police everything was turning so burry. A couple minutes later cops and the paramedics show up for help.
Falling action- later on she finds out that due to the speed and impact she was going her brother substance a lot of injuries and was pronounced dead on the Sean scene. This took a big impact on Amber.
Resolution- Amber was fined for reckless driving and accidental murder and served time in prison for it, but also later came to realize the only way she would see her brother again was by visiting him at his grave, which she did every weekend for the next 30 years.

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